Process instrumentation and control systems are vital for many industry sectors, but all too often the instrumentation and control used has not been designed specifically for the chosen application. This results in unreliable systems which have often represented a significant investment but are soon bypassed or ignored because they do not work as required.

Rostech Environmental provides a fully bespoke service from assessment and design to full installation and commissioning, for any process monitoring or control situation. This approach ensures that we fully meet our client’s needs. No matter how small or large the application, Rostech Environmental’s technical specialists can provide the cost-effective solution you need.

Well designed and implemented process control can help:

  1. Ensure Process Quality
  2. Reduced Labour Requirements
  3. Helps with Energy Efficiency Targets
  4. Environmental monitoring and compliance
  5. Health and Safety

Remote Monitoring

We are specialists in the design and installation of remote monitoring, control and pumping systems, which can be easily monitored from your desk top or smart phone, using Rostech’s telemetry systems.

The remote pumping technology ensures a proactive approach to energy management and resource efficiency, helping to ensure measurable Energy savings are achieved.

Remote pump control technology is widely used in both the industrial and agricultural sectors.