Rostech Environmental, provide individually designed and installed methane stripping systems, which can be used in conjunction with our aqueous methane sensor. This controls dissolved methane levels in water and leachate discharges, helping you to meet your regulatory requirements.

  1. Energy saving
  2. Reduced calcification
  3. Reduced maintenance
  4. Reduced downtime
  5. Facilitates compliance

What is Leachate?

Leachate is a liquid or solution that is produced when water ‘leaches or percolates’ through waste material and is usually associated with landfill waste & the waste management industry.

It can contain a wide variety of contaminants and often elevated concentrations of undesirable material, depending on the type of waste the water has passed through.

Leachate can pollute / contaminate the environment and water courses, so effective & efficient management of leachate discharge is vital.

Leachate often contains high levels of methane gas in a dissolved state. To remove this methane and return the levels to an acceptable level requires specialist stripping systems.

Rostech Design, build & install such systems to fit the requirements of the site and client.