Rostech offers a fully bespoke service for dissolved ammonia monitoring . The ammonia Sensor is a real-time monitoring system which can be programmed with trigger points to manage system operations, depending on the dissolved ammonia levels, giving instant control over process actions.

For example:

In Aquaculture the Sensor can give early warning of potential harmful levels of ammonia to the fish. It is accepted that even low levels of ammonia can cause fish to suffer stress and gill damage whilst also making the fish susceptible to bacterial infection.

Waste Water treatment discharge consent monitoring

As standard, our aqueous ammonia sensors come with Rostech’s telemetry built in, but not enabled. This feature can be initialised at the time of installation or at a later date, as an extra service. Our telemetry will allow readings and site history to be viewed in real time or as historical data using the Rostech client portal.

The aqueous dissolved ammonia sensor is designed to be used in various industrial applications, including:

  1. Water quality monitoring in Aquaculture
  2. River Monitoring
  3. Water treatment plants
  4. Process Control
  5. Nitrifying / denitrifying plants

The unit can easily be configured to control pumps, valves and other process equipment.